One Stop Service

The extension of your lease involves several different stages requiring contrasting expertise, including, potentially, the following:-

  • Valuation;
  • Service and receipt of legal notices;
  • Negotiation with the freeholder;
  • Conveyancing;
  • Representation at the leasehold valuation tribunal.

In many cases delays can occur and misunderstandings arise due to failures of communication between surveyors, solicitors and barristers, all dealing with different aspects of the same case.

In contrast we offer a one stop service with our friendly point of contact for you to rely upon from start to finish.

We contract an RICS qualified surveyor to deal with valuation, negotiation and, if necessary, representation at the leasehold valuation tribunal. Our specialist legal staff are able to deal with the service and receipts of the necessary notices and all aspects of the conveyancing work necessary to complete the lease extension.


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