What we do for you

We thought you might be interested in finding out exactly what we, as your solicitors, actually do for you during the purchase.

These are the typical steps involved in a normal purchase transaction, although every individual case differs:-

  • We contact the Housing Association on your behalf to get things moving;
  • We carry out a Local Authority Search on the property to check the property has correct planning permission, the roads are adopted, etc;
  • We check the contract Lease and title papers when these are received from the Housing Association;
  • We let you have a detailed ‘plain English’ report on the Lease and your obligations towards the Housing Association;
  • We raise any necessary legal enquiries on the paperwork with the Housing Association;
  • We read your mortgage offer and check there are no conditions on the offer which may cause problems;
  • In all shared ownership cases, we need to send a copy of your mortgage offer to the Housing Association;
  • The Housing Association needs to send us their written approval of your mortgage offer;
  • We send to you a full, easy to understand, plain English report on your mortgage, searches and any other relevant matters relating to your purchase;
  • We advise you on the options for payment of Stamp Duty (if any);
  • You sign the contract and Stamp Duty forms;
  • We exchange contacts and fix a date for completion;
  • You sign the final Lease and mortgage documents which we prepare on your behalf;
  • We provide you with a detailed financial statement showing all financial dealings involved in your purchase;
  • Your purchase is completed and you move in;
  • We register your title at the Land Registry;
  • We forward a copy of the new Land Registry title documents to you and to your mortgage company as proof of your ownership.

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