Our fees

It is impossible to give a fixed cost at the start of the process as, at that stage, it is not known whether the freeholder will come to terms quickly or fight you all the way. We will, therefore, give you a fixed quotation as soon as you explain to us the exact details of your own case.

This quotation will depend on whether you have already agreed the terms of the lease extension of the landlord, whether we will need to serve notices under the 1993 Act to enforce your rights and whether it is necessary to attend a Tribunal.

Fortunately, most cases are settled by negotiation either before or after the service of notices and it is very unusual to have to attend a Tribunal to resolve the matter.

It is important to note that in addition to legal advice you will also need valuation advice to assist you in any negotiations with the landlord.  We can recommend specialist surveyors who are expert in this area or you can, of course, choose your own valuer.

We have therefore broken down our costs into separate stages and we will only charge for those elements necessary to your case.


£450 + VAT

This will be a full valuation with a visit to the property and a recommendation for the offer to start negotiations with the freeholder.

Service of notices

£500 + VAT

If no agreement can be reached with the freeholder then this fee covers preparation and service of all notices.

Agreement/application to FTT

£300 + VAT

This includes all work up to an agreement being reached and/or submitting the application to the First Tier Tribunal.


£500 + VAT

This includes all legal work including the preparation and agreement of the new lease and its registration at the Land Registry.

Application First Tier Tribunal

£1,500 + VAT

The great majority of cases are settled by negotiation before it is necessary to go to the Leashold Valuation Tribunal.


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