How to write your Will

We appreciate that our clients are all different and that some may have less time available due to work or family commitments than others.  For this reason we aim to be flexible as to how to deal with the preparation of your Will and we offer the following alternatives for your convenience:-

  • An appointment for you to attend at one of our offices, being those in Eltham, Dartford, Maidstone and Bromley. At our office you will meet one of our friendly fully trained staff who will discuss your Will with you and deal with any queries or concerns that you may have. We will then prepare a draft Will for your consideration and when the content of the Will is agreed whilst we recommend that you come back to our office to have the Will signed and witnessed, we can, if required, give you clear instructions as to how to have the Will validly signed and witnessed at home
  • We may also be able to take your instructions for your Will in a pre-booked telephone conference with one of our experts. This may be more convenient for you and less time consuming although it obviously does not have the benefit of a face to face meeting and in certain circumstances it may not be appropriate to proceed on this basis. If instructions are taken in this manner we will then send you a draft Will and you can again either sign the completed Will at our office or at home using our clear instructions we will provide
  • You may prefer for us to send you a fact finding questionnaire by email or post which you can complete and send back to us. We will then prepare a draft Will from the information on the questionnaire. It may be necessary for us to phone you to clarify any queries we may have on your questionnaire. Again, this method may save you time and also the completion of the questionnaires may concentrate your mind on some of the issues that you need to consider before making a Will although we suggest that this method may be more appropriate for people who have some previous experience of Will making
  • Finally we can make arrangements to visit you in your home if you live within a reasonable distance of one of our offices. Please note that if you request a visit for your own convenience we will make a charge for the additional time involved

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