Powers of Attorney

Since October 2007 all long term Powers of Attorney need to be in the format of Lasting Powers of Attorney.  The previous regime of Enduring Powers of Attorney is only relevant in connection with existing documents signed before October 2007.

Lasting Powers of Attorney are quite complex documents and we hope the information set out below may be of use to you if you or a member of your family is considering making the Power Of Attorney.

A Lasting Power of Attorney can be of enormous assistance in giving you peace of mind in that your personal and financial affairs will be looked after by someone you trust.

If you become physically or mentally incapable of dealing with your affairs then the authorities will take over your affairs by means of (formerly known as the Court of Protection) the appointment of a Deputy by the Office of the Public Guardian.

The new system of Lasting Powers of Attorney provides for two separate Power of Attorney documents and you can use either or both. One is for property matters and one is for personal welfare matters.

Our specialist Private Client Department has been involved in the preparation of Lasting Powers of Attorney since their inception.


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