Lasting Power of Attorney

The new regime for Lasting Powers of Attorney provides two alternative documents.  You can use either or both of these documents and they are as follows:-

  • Property and Affairs LPA
  • Property and Affairs LPA allows you to choose someone to make decisions about how to spend your money and the way your property and finances are dealt with, invested and managed.
  • Personal Welfare LPA
  • A Personal Welfare LPA allows you to choose someone to make decisions about your healthcare and welfare.  This would include decisions to refuse or consent to treatment on your behalf and deciding where you live.  You can also, if you wish, issue more detailed instructions as to your personal care.
  • You are able to make either one of these Lasting Powers of Attorney or, if you wish, both.
  • You are able to choose anyone you wish to be your attorney but it may be a good idea to appoint more than one person in case one dies, becomes ill, or is unwilling to act as your attorney.  You should obviously choose people that you trust and that you think will act in your best interests.
  • Please note that after you have made your Power of Attorney it will not be possible for your attorney to deal with your affairs until the Power of Attorney is registered with the Office of the Public Guardian. This is simply a registration process and does not mean that the Public Guardian’s office has any jurisdiction over your affairs.

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